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Humans Behind BECKING Wellness

Chantelle Becking

Chantelle Becking is the founder and owner of Becking Wellness. Previously, she was the co-owner of Becking Clinic and has over 12 years of experience in helping clients achieve long-term wellness goals. She prioritizes listening to clients’ stories, understanding that each story shapes their journey. Becking Wellness aims to help clients heal from the inside out, offering personalized plans for weight loss, energy restoration with bio-identical hormones, and more.

As a mother to five girls through foster care and international adoption, Chantelle understands how busy and overwhelming life can be. Her mission is to help people feel great, and she is dedicated to providing the support needed to achieve this. Chantelle is committed to helping clients regain hope and live their best lives.

Meet The Team

Dr. Dawn Caruso, MD

Dr. Caruso has been a practicing physician for over 25 years. With her background in psychiatry, she has renewed her passion for helping people and is now practicing alongside Chantelle and helping men and women get their lives back through MD based Semaglutide & Tirzepatide weight loss, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and most recently libido wellness.

Sarah Alyce

Sarah loves being a part of Becking Wellness. Originally from Dexter, she grew up in the area before moving away for seven years to earn a degree in Vocal Performance and gain experience in Social Media and Marketing. 

As a singer, songwriter, and performer, Sarah loves to make people smile, laugh, and enjoy life. She believes that life is too short not to spend our days feeling happy and good.

Now back in her hometown, Sarah is excited to join the empowering women of Becking Wellness. She is dedicated to changing the lives of everyone who walks into the clinic for the better. She can’t wait to meet and work with you.


Cecily Graham, RN

Cecily Graham is a dedicated Nurse with a passion for patient advocacy, specializing in weight loss support and care. Her commitment to helping individuals achieve their health goals through compassionate guidance sets her apart as an invaluable resource for those on their weight loss journey.

Beyond her work in healthcare, Cecily finds joy in spending time with her husband and four beautiful daughters. An avid lover of all things water, whether relaxing on the beach or taking a boat ride, she finds peace in being outdoors and with her family.

At home, Cecily’s heart belongs to her farm animals, whom she cares for with love and dedication. Whether tending to her animals or advocating for her patients, Cecily exemplifies warmth, empathy, and a genuine compassion for others, making her a true asset to both her community and the healthcare field.

Mindy Robey

Mindy is the backbone to our company. She makes everyone feel great, keeps our leaders in line, and is a loyal and consistent member of our team. 

Mindy will make you feel right at home!